2014 MHBA Policy Platform - Key Public Investments for Thriving Local Economy

At the 2013 Legislative Breakfast held November 21st, MHBA members and legislators discussed four questions to help shape MHBA’s policy work. Those questions were:

  1. What are the barriers to a thriving local economy?
  2. What are the ways we can strengthen the local economy?
  3. What are ways to strengthen local businesses?
  4. What would partnership between local business and government look like?

From those conservations, key themes emerged that can be used to guide MHBA’s public policy work on behalf of small, local businesses and which form the basis of the 2014 Policy Platform. The MHBA Policy Committee reviewed and amended the themes and a final draft of the platform was approved by the MHBA Board in early May. This platform will be shared with members, public policy-makers and community partners with whom we may collaborate on advocacy efforts. Here, we share it and welcome your comments below. 

Mile High Business Alliance advocates for:

  • Streamlined bureaucratic processes for permitting, licensing, and other government processes that support innovation and agility through the use of technology and ongoing dialogue with small, local businesses.
  • Local investment and a level playing field for small and local businesses, including access to creative financing, favorable tax structures, and reasonable regulation. 
  • Meaningful tools and investments for marketing local businesses and supporting Colorado tourism. 
  • Strengthening local capital vehicles that allow citizens and Colorado institutions to invest their money locally.
  • Investments in transit for workers and customers that reduce transportation costs, parking needs and congestion.
  • Technical assistance and support services for small businesses that support start-ups, business development and growth.
  • Building strong ties between small businesses, lawmakers and other organizations working for small business interests. 
  • A strong public education and workforce training system that produces a sustainable, qualified workforce. 
  • Transparency in government decision-making and spending.
  • A strong voice for small businesses in the public policy, implementation and development projects that impact them.

Thanks to all the members, both at the legislative breakfast, on the policy committee and in conversations, who have contributed to putting together this platform.  We are also truly grateful to the legislators who participated:

Sam Bailey, Business Manager of the Governor’s OEDIT
Chris Herndon, City Councilman D-11
Tracy Kraft-Tharp, State Representative D-29 
Polly Lawrence, State Representative D-39
Andy Schultheiss, Regional Director of U.S. Cong. Jared Polis
Gail Schwartz State Senator D-5
Jessie Ulibarri, State Senator D-21
Angela Williams, State Representative D-7 

The 2014 Mile High Business Alliance Policy Committee:

Ryan Goral
Ian Harwick
Mickki Langston 
Johnny Qualley  (also MHBA Secretary)
Diane Stahl
Tim Stein (also MHBA Board Chair)
Chris Vahrenwald
Todd Wells