RFP for Agricultural Production in City of Arvada

The purpose of this Solicitation is to provide qualified vendors with sufficient information regarding the City's needs in order to adequately prepare and submit a Proposal for agricultural production of City of Arvada owned land located at 7000 Garrison Street, Arvada Colorado 80004. This agricultural land is north of Majestic View Nature Center and Community Park which is a place to learn about, understand, and appreciate the area's natural features and cultural history by interacting directly with nature.
Please see the RFP documents for Agricultural Production at 8401 Alkire St, Arvada CO using these links (will open .pdf files)

The City of Arvada is committed to creating a sustainable community by encouraging practices through Sustain Arvada which include seven topic area around resource conservation.  Within the Community Vitality section of the Sustain Arvada plan, the City strives to create opportunities for people and self-govern, creating stronger bonds between neighbors and a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency in the community.  This can be accomplished through a variety of specific strategies including:

  • Provide more opportunities for residents to interact on local project and events that enrich their lives and the community, such as community gardens, classes, arts shows, festivals, and neighborhood improvement initiatives.
  • Encourage more community based agriculture within the City of Arvada.

Please visit www.RockyMountainBidSystem.com, to register, view and submit the RFP online.