Local Recipe Box: Celery Agua Fresca

Celery Agua Fresca

Celery Agua Fresca - by Root Down & Linger

Agua Frescas are enjoyed worldwide with culturally diverse interpretations based on region & seasonality. We wanted to create one that speaks the language of Root Down; vegetable-forward, unexpected and enchanting. We utilize organic celery & lovage from our on-premise garden and spin it with strawberry to really bring in notes of summer, floral & sweet. Enjoy this charming beverage on ice, in good company, with the Colorado sun & mountains in your view!

West High School's Permaculture-Inspired Community Garden

Neighborhood Catalyst recently visited one of our newest projects, the permaculture garden at West HIgh School.  This project engages kids in a hands-on way that puts the usual material into a holistic perspective, connecting students to the real world implication of what they study.  This is the kind of education that makes an impact on how our future leaders will see and steward our community.  See their video and support their project here.

Help Get GMO Labeling on the Ballot This Fall

News coverage and legislation in Congress are highlighting the issue of genetically engineered foods nationwide.  GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are also garnering attention as a hot issue in Colorado communities and households.  The Just Label It federal campaign has been collecting signatures to petition the FDA to issue GMO labels, but has not been successful up to this point.  In the absence of any federal action, what happens at the state level will be the nation’s response to GMOs for the moment.