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Last Printed June 2012

A Slice of Broadway: Around the Neighborhood

This section of our beloved Broadway forms the dividing line between the Baker, Speer, and West Wash Park neighborhoods. On the map, it may just look like a border zone, but in person this area has its own distinct personality: funky, artful, a little kinky, and abuzz from dusk ‘til dawn.

You’ll find high-end shoes and gritty music venues with playful art—like crocheted parking-meter-warmers— that ties the whole hodgepodge together. You’ve got to love Broadway!

Getting There

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General Location

  • The neighborhood is just south of downtown Denver.
  • The main intersection is 1st Ave & Broadway
  • The district is between roughly 5th Ave. and Alameda Ave.
  • This section of Broadway also forms the border between the Speer, Baker, and West Wash Park neighborhoods.


Noteworthy Items

  • Broadway is a one-way street, headed south.
  • There is plenty of metered parking along Broadway and on cross streets.

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