Follow Your Bliss

By Dawn Greaney, Brought to you by Dabble


Women, what's your excuse for not following your bliss? Life gives us plenty of reasons to put off being our happiest; then we throw in even more excuses with our self-imposed limitations. We get to a certain point in our lives where we can no longer ignore those nagging questions: Is this it? What’s next? What’s my purpose? Now’s the time to get rid of the excuses and allow the things we enjoy to lead us to a happier life.

This inclusive workshop will create conversations, generate ideas and share resources in order to help each participant break through their own self-perceived limitations and start living the more meaningful life they envision. Each Dabbler will get a chance to identify their passion (dream) and the main reason they haven’t moved towards it (obstacle). Others in the group will offer ideas, suggestions, personal experiences, support and resources that will help unlock the potential of possibilities. Each participant will walk away from the workshop with greater inspiration, information and support to accomplish their dreams and overcome their obstacles, and will be armed with an action plan they can begin immediately.

This workshop is for you if...

-you want to drop the excuses and move towards a more joyful & meaningful life. 
-you love the support, encouragement and inspiration of other women. 
-you want a safe place to express your dreams and break through self-imposed limitations. 
-you love to help other women realize their potential.

What to bring:

- An open mind, willingness to participate in an engaging manner in discussions & brainstorming, and a positive and inspired attitude.

- Eagerness to meet new people and a willingness to share dreams and experiences with them.

-Something to take notes on.

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March 30th, 2013 10:30 AM   through   12:30 PM
2701 Lawrence St
Laundry on Lawrence
Denver, CO 80205

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