Colorado Food Guild

Colorado Food Guild


The Colorado Food Guild connects key stakeholders around a shared vision for Colorado’s food system to solve the problems we face. A partnership between the Mile High Business Alliance and the Food Systems Research Group at the University of Colorado at Denver, this project is generously supported by the Colorado Trust. 

The Colorado Food Guild envisions an intellectual ecosystem to institute rapid change and progress in our local food economy so that our entire community can be properly nourished in a healthy, just, and sustainable manner. We will accomplish this by connecting key stakeholders around a shared vision for Colorado’s food system, and creating effective collaborations to solve the problems we face. Like our facebook page for updates and more information. 

2014 Outcomes
As a Guild, we will accomplish the following outcomes in 2014: 

  • Create a functioning convening group that adequately represents the food system and drives the work of the Food Guild
  • Identify stakeholder groups, issue direct invitations
  • Create convening group structures for participation (role, length of time, expectations)
  • Ensure at least 75% representation from identified stakeholder groups
  • Hold monthly meetings between January - July to facilitate forward movement of group

Design the framework of the Guild to support effective collaborations and build relationships

  • Bring together the larger food system community in three large gatherings: The Local Food Summit on March 3, the Local Food Think Tank in late July, and a TBD event in Oct/Nov
  • Design working groups which best facilitate the initial work of the Guild
  • Launch Food Guild facebook page and other collaboration tools to support communication

Understand Colorado’s food system landscape

  • Complete environmental scan of organizations and people working in the food system
  • Compile existing research and data about opportunities, needs and challenges in the food system

Create a shared understanding of what’s needed for a healthy food system

  • Collect what we know about the issues / problems / barriers
  • Clarify definitions of “food system” and “healthy food system”
  • Express a shared vision for what’s possible with a healthy food system (aka, “what are we building?”), with specific indicators of success

Develop a Colorado Healthy Food System Road Map, a document that brings together what we know now, expresses what we want to build, and states specific strategies for getting us there. 

  • Ensure consideration of issues across various domains (policy, resource use, health, economics)
  • Identify specific, actionable strategies which support the fulfillment of our shared vision
  • Identifying a way to make the work of the Colorado Food Guild visible in the community to encourage participation and buy-in. (this includes sharing this document (and its background work) with the community-at-large)
  • Analysis and reporting on successful food system work in other states that could be adopted by the Food Guild