Getting Connected with Your Local Food Suppliers, Part 5: Distributors

Local Food Distributors


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Getting Connected with Your Local Food Suppliers
Part 5: Distributors

As part of our Eat Local First program and our commitment to creating a healthy community through food security, we've created a Local Food Suppliers list to help connect our local restaurants and markets with our local farmers, food producers, and distributors. This blog post is the fifth and final in the series, and focuses on local food distributors. If you're not in the food business but still want to get connected to your local food sources, check out this handy post about local food markets and CSA programs.

Lettuces & Greens
Prepared Foods
Certified Organic
Hormone Free
Service Areas*

Circle Fresh Farms
Denver | 720-446-9355
Last Updated 01/2015 | Update

                    FR, D
Grower's Organic
Denver | 303-299-9500 Last Updated 01/2015 | Update
          FR, D, WS, N, S

Denver | 720-515-4751
Last Updated 01/2015 | Update


Hunt & Gather Wildcrafted Foods
Denver | 720-299-4103
Last Updated 01/2015 | Update

                      FR, D, WS, N, S, +
LOCO Food Distribution
Fort Collins | 970-493-3663
Last Updated 12/2014 | Update
  ✔ & in practice D, FR, N, +

Ranch Foods Direct
Denver | 719-332-9515
Last Updated 12/2014 | Update

              D, FR
This is the short list of local Colorado fruit and vegetable producers. For the most complete list of Colorado food suppliers, check out this spreadsheet from the DEH's Corner Store program or head over to the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Market Maker online directory.
 *Service Areas Key: D = Denver Metro; FR = Front Range; WS = Western Slope; N = Northern Colorado; S = Southern Colorado; + = Outside Colorado

Questions to Ask Your Local Food Suppliers

It takes a lot of hard work and tough decisions to grow and raise food. We've included limited, self-reported data on the products and practices of our farmers and ranchers and we also recommend you ask some questions to make sure you're finding the best solutions for your needs.

  1. Availability: How often are products available? How much notice is required for an order?
  2. Delivery: Where can they deliver? When are deliveries made?
  3. Orders: Do they have order minimums? Are there discounts for larger orders?
  4. Payment Terms: Find out their payment terms (check, credit, etc.)
  5. Storage & Shelf Life: Do they have recommendations for keeping food fresher longer?

Local Food Tip!

Check Out the Local Food Suppliers Program Page!

Learn more about inventory planning, finding ordering sheets, and how to stay legal on the Local Food Suppliers Program page.

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