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Last Printed December 2014

E Colfax: Around the Neighborhood

It seems difficult to condense the history, magic and rumor of Colfax Avenue into a few short paragraphs. An Internet search of East Colfax will deliver everything from news stories about the recent redevelopment efforts to concerns from new Denver residents about living two blocks from its bustling nightlife. Perhaps this is why we love East Colfax.

With more than 400 locally-owned businesses in the mere 2.5 miles between Broadway and Colorado Blvd., Colfax hosts some of Denver’s most bizarre, boisterous, and even benevolent characters. It’s our original main street and the catch-all for every part of our society. Colfax is raw and unapologetic, filled with creativity, sorrow, history, and the people who ensure its infamy. You can find just about anything on Colfax. This guide features some of the best shops, pubs, restaurants, and tattoo artists from Gaylord St. to Colorado Blvd. And when you shop at these locally-owned businesses, you’re investing in a vibrant future for this community.

East Colfax Avenue spans a large portion of Denver and Aurora - so it crosses through, and in some cases, defines several different neighborhoods along the corridor. Here's a rough guide to some of those neighborhood boundaries based on an East Colfax Avenue address:

  • 1-400 E Colfax: The Golden Triangle
  • 401-2100 E Colfax: Capitol Hill
  • 2101-3000 E Colfax: Greek Town
  • 3001-4000 E Colfax: Bluebird District
  • 4001+ East Colfax: East Colfax & Aurora

You can find just about anything on East Colfax. Our guide features some of the best shops, pubs, restaurants and tattoo artists from Grant to Monroe. Find out more about the merchants here and download a printable version of our Local Flavor Guide for East Colfax.

Facts on the 'FAX?

You’ve probably heard rumor of Colfax’s checkered past. Here are just a few facts from the past two decades to mix in with some of that fiction.


The Bluebird Theatre, built in 1914, is restored and opened as a concert venue, boosting retail development.


East Colfax is rezoned for higher-density as a mixed-use Main Street. Chamberlin Heights at Colfax & Steele is the first new residential construction on Colfax in 80 years.


St. Charles Town Company revamps the old Bonfils Theatre into the Lowenstein town center, which houses local art, music, book, and film retailers.


The new Sprouts Farmers Market opens in the district and becomes one of the company's top 5 volume stores out of its 150 stores nationwide.


The Bluebird Business Improvement District opens for business, helping business and property owners to leverage investments to improve the district.

Neighborhood People are Saying

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Getting There

General Location

  • The neighborhood is just east of downtown Denver.
  • There is no main intersection, as the neighborhood is a corridor between Broadway and Colorado Blvds.

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