Business Spotlight: Golden Triangle Association

The Golden Triangle Association has been a wonderful partner in celebrating their vibrant downtown neighborhood.  


The Golden Triangle Association (GTA) was organized in 1993 to represent the interests of businesses, property owners, and residents of the area bounded by Colfax Avenue, Speer Boulevard, and Lincoln Street. 

An all volunteer board oversees the committees, task forces, and projects that collectively accomplish a variety of advocacy, marketing, and economic development activities.     

The ultimate goal of the association is to continually improve the business environment, property values, and quality of life in the Golden Triangle community. 

To date GTA has a number of significant accomplishments to its credit. The B-8-G zoning code was passed by the city in 1994, largely due to the efforts of the association. The zoning code laid the groundwork for the extensive development that is occurring today. The mayor approved the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan in 1998 after four years of work by a GTA committee, the board, and the city’s planning office. The plan serves as a guide, so that new development adheres to its vision. An urban design committee oversees the neighborhood plan and interprets its vision to prospective developers. 

The Golding of the Triangle project oversees the funding, planting, and maintenance of flower beds along Speer Boulevard each summer. The project shows off the neighborhood and encourages all property owners, businesses, and residents to improve the appearance of their property. These are just of few of the many accomplishments that have made the Golden Triangle a desirable place to work, live, and play. 

Several committees and task forces, run by dedicated volunteers, continually work to address issues impacting the Golden Triangle. A Good Neighbor committee oversees liquor license applications to determine their compatibility with the neighborhood.

This committee also hosts forums, social events, and other community gatherings to communicate with Golden Triangle denizens and elicit their input. A transportation/ parking committee addresses the growing concern over these issues. A marketing committee will establish more effective means of communication with both prospective Golden Triangle businesses and prospective GTA members. As needs change and new issues arise, the association continues to look for solutions.


  • Advertising Support for businesses in the GTA in Life on Capital HillGreening of the Triangle - Annual Planting on Speer from 10th -14th Streets
  • Support of the Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Denver Public Library - Library Friends Program
  • Golden Triangle Museum District - High Pleins Arts Festival
  • Pet stations throughout the neighborhood that  providepet waste removal bags and trash receptacles
  • Litter League
  • Ongoing Urban Design advocacy



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