Member Spotlight: Moye White

Moye White LLP is a Denver law firm serving clients throughout Colorado, the Rocky Mountain West, nationally and internationally. Since its inception in 1976, Moye White has earned a reputation as one of the most creative and technologically advanced law firms in the region, as it continues to keep an eye on the future to best serve clients today and prepare them for the world of tomorrow. 

The firm now employs approximately 45 attorneys who over the years have helped write and develop Colorado business organization law, as well as new corporate, partnership, and limited liability company laws. The attorneys at Moye White offer strategic, team-oriented counsel to public, private, and governmental clients in complex business and real estate transactions and disputes. Attorneys from their Business, Real Estate, and Trial sections often consult each other on various case issues and strategies. Furthermore, Moye White is recognized by LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® as a 2014 Top Ranked Law Firm.™

The attorneys at Moye White are proud of the firm's Colorado roots and are heavily involved with local organizations and issues. They are passionate about supporting Colorado businesses and local initiatives, and love to watch their clients thrive in this quickly-evolving niche. From small start-up producers relying on entrepreneurial expertise to bring business ideas to life, to large suppliers facing changing regulations and large-scale business reorganizations- Moye White provides comprehensive counsel and is deeply familiar with their specialized needs. 

As active members in the community, Moye White supports a variety of non-profit and civic associations, organizations and events- all of which foster people, the environment, culture and education. The firm's active membership, sponsorship and pro bono legal services have established them as a key contributor to over 70 charitable and civic organizations. 

Founded in a tradition of excellence, the attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff at Moye White embrace new methods and perspectives to serve as efficient legal advocates for the community. Whatever the issue or case may be, the entire firm of Moye White is dedicated to providing the necessary resources for every client.  

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