Lower Highland


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Last Printed June 2009

Lower Highland: Around the Neighborhood

Lower Highland is one of those places where you could easily, and quite happily, lose an afternoon. It's proximity to bike trails and lanes and its copious patios and opportunities for treats, make it an excellent destination for a Saturday brunch or afternoon out. And the views are great. From the milk can-shaped Little Man Ice Cream, you get a great view of the city. If you continue further up the hill, you can see more and more. This neighborhood is also close to 15th & Platte and Highlands Square. So if you're in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out.

Community Resources

While you’re in the neighborhood, head up to the 37th & Navajo Arts District.


Getting There

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General Location

Walking Directions From Downtown

  • From the 16th St Mall, go west past the light rail station.
  • Go up the steps (or take the elevator) to cross over to the Little Raven neighborhood.
  • Continue straight through Riverfront Park.
  • Cross the ped bridge over the river and continue towards the Platte Neighborhood.
  • Continue straight up the steps (just to the left of Salvegetti's bike shop) to cross the ped bridge over I-25.
  • Once you're across the bridge, you're there.

Transportation Resources