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Last Printed June 2012

15th & Platte: Around the Neighborhood

 Previously an industrial area, this neighborhood, pinned into place by the intersection of 15th Street and Platte Street, is now a bustling with restaurants, boutiques, and even a brewery and beer garden. 15th & Platte is also one of the few neighborhoods that can boast having a locally-owned natural foods grocery store. And since it's located conveniently on the Greenway Trail & Platte River, you can pop into the outdoor gear stores and be fitted for any bike or kayak adventure--and then simply cross the street to the river to get started. In summer months, you'll find nearby Confluence Park packed with swimmers and kayakers shooting the rapids, while other folks enjoy picnics and playing in the water with their dogs. Part of what structurally defined this neighborhood was the building of the Denver Tramway Powerhouse (which currently houses REI) in 1901. The powerhouse provided the massive amount of electricity needed to run the city's extensive electric rail car grid. After the automobile trumped the rail car in popularity in 1950, the powerhouse shut down and the building itself saw a number of changes. Though it's separated by some large parking lots from the main intersection of 15th & Platte, it remains a neighborhood landmark to this day. Denver Tramway Company information taken from renewdenver.org.

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General Location

  • The neighborhood is just across (west of) the Platte River from downtown Denver and Confluence Park.
  • The main intersection is 15th St. and Platte St.


Get there by Bicycle

  • Bike Routes D-4, D-5, and the Cherry Creek Trail come to the neighborhood.

Get there by Bus & Light Rail

  • Take Bus Route 10 or 28
  • Light Rail Lines E & C end at the 16th St Mall. Head west on 16th St and you can take the ped bridges to the neighborhood (1/2 mi).

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