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RFP for Agricultural Production in City of Arvada

The purpose of this Solicitation is to provide qualified vendors with sufficient information regarding the City's needs in order to adequately prepare and submit a Proposal for agricultural production of City of Arvada owned land located at 7000 Garrison Street, Arvada Colorado 80004. This agricultural land is north of Majestic View Nature Center and Community Park which is a place to learn about, understand, and appreciate the area's natural features and cultural history by interacting directly with nature.

Help Get GMO Labeling on the Ballot This Fall


News coverage and legislation in Congress are highlighting the issue of genetically engineered foods nationwide.  GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are also garnering attention as a hot issue in Colorado communities and households.  The Just Label It federal campaign has been collecting signatures to petition the FDA to issue GMO labels, but has not been successful up to this point.  In the absence of any federal action, what happens at the state level will be the nation’s response to GMOs for the moment.