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Ways to Get Involved in Buy Local Week

Buy Local Week LogoBuy Local Week is Coming!

How do you want to be involved?

The Mile High Business Alliance is proud to be hosting the Buy Local Week holiday shopping campaign for the fourth year in December of 2010.

Gifts under $50 on East Colfax

If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with the locally owned shops on E. Colfax, you're truly missing out. The BlueBird District (between York & Colorado) is home to the bookselling pillar The Tattered Cover (after it moved from Cherry Creek North), Twist & Shout Records (featuring tons of vinyl, CD's and DVD's), and one-of-a-kind Denver specialties like The Shoppe and Plastic Chapel. Here are a few things I found while shopping in the BlueBird District on East Colfax: 

Gifts under $50 - Online, unique & still local

 Today I discovered that, that fabulous online retailer for crafters & artists to sell their art & collectibles to folks who love handmade goodness, has a "Shop Local" function that allows you to find Etsy sellers near your location. 

Gifts under $50 in South Broadway

Don't fret that Buy Local Week is now over; there are lots of great finds at locally owned retailers all over the city! Over the next two weeks, we'll bring you a few ideas for great, unique items you can find at local retailers for less than $50. 


Thrift is green, local and easy on your wallet

Boulder Weekly LogoBy Marissa Hermanson

December 3rd 2009


Flobots urge you to buy local

By Dave Herrera

November 27th 2009

We're all about local. It's what we do. It's who we are. And so we're all about buying local (well, aside from the American Spirit cigarettes we smoke, the Circle K coffee we drink and the Hondas we drive).

Buy Local Week - Day 5

Buy Local Week - Why it matters.

  • Holiday spending represents a huge chunk of money for retailers -over $12 billion last year in CO.
  • Money spent at locally owned businesses recirculates at least three times more in our community.
  • Local businesses are more effective at meeting the community's needs more quickly than their bigger counterparts.

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