Tips for Selling Art Through Local Retailers


At last week's Art Market event, we heard from the dedicated entrepreneurs of Indy Ink, Fancy Tiger, Caboodle and Artwork Network about selling local art in local shops. 

The discussion was thoughful and informative for both artists and retailers, so we'd like to share some of the gems we learned. 

Know the shop, their audience & protocol prior to approaching the buyer. Demonstrating that you understand their store and showing how your art fits into their shop not only builds your credibility, but also saves everyone time. Call or email the shop in advance, asking who their buyer is and how they like to be approached. Then of course, listen to their response and follow their protocol. 

Join Us Next Saturday for Local Motive

The Mile High Business Alliance is excited to announce our participation in "Local Motive," an event to promote green jobs and connect folks with sustainable living resources in our community. The event, also a fund-raiser for the vegetarian community cafe Solar, will take place Saturday, September 27th from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm at Solar,  2615 Welton St. in Denver. Featuring art, music, film and DIY presentations, Local Motive is part of Green Jobs Now's National Day of Action.

Share Your Creative Space in Denver

The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs announced yesterday the launch of their Creative Space Agent project, to connect unused space with the artists and other creative folk who need it.

From their web site:

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