Mickki Langston

JumpStart 2012

On our last blog we posted JumpStart 2012, the Office of Economic Development's plan for re-energizing the local economy by opening up more loan options for small businesses. This week, our Executive Director Mickki Langston, was interviewed by the Denver Post to find out what she thought about how this plan will affect small businesses in Colorado. “Any effort that they make in strengthening and supporting small business is going to be great for the community.”

More Buy Local Week Videos

Though Buy Local Week is over, the holiday season is still upon us. We hope that you are still being conscious about your spending through the holidays and into the new year.

In these videos, Mickki Langston, Executive Director of Mile High Business Alliance gives us the lowdown about Buy Local Week and why it's important to the local economy and community. Big thanks go to the Flobots & the lovely folks at Fightwithtools.org for supporting our mission and for filming these two short videos.


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