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Why Local Energy?

  • Ten cents on the local dollar of the community goes directly to pay for fuel. In the case of Colorado, much of this is imported. e.g. Coal from Wyoming.
  • Only between ten and fifteen cents on the dollar spent on that fuel stays in the local community.
  • Locally-produced energy is often more diversified in both fuel source as well as in location. Much strength lies in having diversity within a system. Therefore, having 50 different locations producing electricity to the grid via solar panels on their roofs is significantly more resilient than having a single coal-fired power plant.

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What Can I Do?

Support localization by going local! Open lines of communication with your energy provider and look for opportunities to improve energy efficiency, generate energy on-site, and offset your current usage. Currently, we've joined the Denver Energy Challenge to help individuals and businesses sign up with Windsource, a program with Xcel Energy focused on locally-generated renewable energy. Not only do you get to localize your energy, if you sign up now with the Denver Energy Challenge, Xcel Energy will also donate up to $125,000 to energy education projects at Denver public high schools. (read more about helping DPS)


Windsource Signups Help Denver Public Schools


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