A welcome mat at the entrance as a customer is seen entering through the front door.

Do you ever wonder if your store is in the right spot, whether or not people are coming in, and what they think as they walk in? Business owners should always be asking these questions to help them better understand their customers and attract new ones! The good news is that there are tons of resources out there that can help you learn how to understand your customers at a glance. Here are the first three things customers notice when they walk into your store.

  1. Décor and Cleanliness

Customers notice the display, your store’s theme, the colors and textures you choose to use, the furniture, and plenty of other details about the look of your store. This is a great opportunity to impress customers and draw them into your shop to experience something even better! Décor defines the mood and can help you tell your story so that customers understand how you work and what they can expect to receive when they visit. This is also an excellent opportunity to add up-to-date lighting and decor to help you stay fashionable in the midst of dreary economic times.

Good décor and lighting will not make up for a store that appears to be dirty and dusty. Be sure that merchandise is dusted regularly and windows are shiny and clean. Clean carpets and floors are especially important. Visit http://aladdincarpetcleaningsj.com/ for more information on keeping floors and carpets well maintained. 

  1. Store Layout

Customers notice where the restroom is located, cash registers, the store’s layout and flow, and other details about store design. This is an important factor that should be considered when designing your store or remodeling it. Customers will want to feel comfortable and secure during their visit, and your layout should reflect that. For example, if a customer feels claustrophobic in the main aisle, they will likely leave before visiting the clothing department.

The layout of your store will affect the flow of customers and help them move throughout your store in a way that makes sense to them. If you have too many items close together, this will confuse customers and cause them to roam around aimlessly. Too much space can make your store look empty and uninviting, which is something you want to avoid.

  1. Employees

Have you ever been in a store where an amazing selection had poorly trained staff? They have a chance to ruin this great opportunity for you and turn away potential customers with their attitude. But, it’s not too late to make all the right changes. Your employees can have a huge impact on your store’s success or failure. We are so busy that we often don’t notice the way employees treat us or what they say as they help us. A well-trained team at every level can help you turn your store into a destination that customers won’t want to leave.


The perception of a store is created by several factors, including the décor, layout, and the way employees interact with customers. These three things should not be overlooked when creating your store. If you do not have time to update these aspects of your business, you can choose to locate nearer to a more populated area with more customers.

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