University Hills


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Last Printed January 2010

University Hills: Around the Neighborhood

Welcome to the time warp of University Hills! This neighborhood has an amazing collection of old school signs from the 1950s. Though you may not get a sense of this neighborhood's personality from the curb (as you'll most likely be standing in a plaza), pop in to any of the local businesses there and you'll understand why this neighborhood is so cool. Behind some of those 1950s facades, you can have the most delicious Mediterranean dinner in Denver, find fine and distinguished home furnishings, or try on some great new threads.

Getting There

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General Location

  • The neighborhood is south east of downtown Denver along Colorado Blvd.
  • The center of the district is at Iliff Ave. and S. Colorado Blvd.
  • The majority of the businesses are located between Dartmouth Ave. (north end) and Evans Ave. (south end) on Santa Fe Blvd.

Driving Directions

Noteworthy Items

  • This business district is made mostly of plazas. There is plenty of free parking.

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