Why Local?

Why we do this work

By nurturing our local economy, we not only support the prosperity of local business, but build the kind of community we want to live in. Mile High Business Alliance provides the support and space for a  healthier, more vibrant local economy to emerge, which is the foundation of a thriving community. A vibrant local economy impacts all sectors of our social fabric, from food, to energy to policy - and most importantly - the happiness and well-being of the people who live in and love the place they call home. Check out this brief video about one of our events, the Local Capital Summit, for a brief understanding of the context behind our work:


The Impact of Supporting Local

By choosing to patronize locally owned establishments, you make a positive impact on our community in many ways. Here are just 5 of them:

1. Environment - By buying things made closer to home, you’re cutting down on fossil fuel use, reducing your carbon impact and saving money.
2. Local Economy - Local businesses buy more often from other local businesses, so the money you spend is retained in the community in a more concentrated fashion. 
3. Local Flavor - The experience at a local establishment is completely unique – providing the local flavor of the area 
4. Community Care - Local entrepreneurs are more connected to our community, because they live here, too. They are more likely than their non-local businesses to get involved in community efforts. 
5. Voicing Your Opinion - You are voting with your dollar to say, “Hey, I like this place and the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Research continues to show the measurable impacts of buying local. Findings from the Civic Economics - "Local Works!" Study, 2008, commissioned by Local First, show that a modest change in consumer behavior - a mere 10 percent shift in market share to independent businesses from chain stores - would result in 1,600 new jobs, $53 million in wages, and a $137 million economic impact to the area. Spending our money locally supports local businesses and keeps money in the community, building our pool of resources and improving the quality of life in our communities. 



Buy local campaigns support this.  In their 2012 Independent Business Survey, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance notes: "Independent businesses located in communities that have an active "buy local" campaign operated by a local business organization, such as an Independent Business Alliance or a Local First group, experienced markedly stronger revenue growth compared to those in areas without such an initiative."

We're Not Alone!

Mile High Business Alliance is a part of a larger fabric of community organizations and a national movement working to build healthy, local and sustainable economic systems. As the BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) chapter in Denver, our work is supported and connected to hundreds of networks working for localism and vibrant communities across the country. It's this kind of collective strength that significantly shapes the kinds of policy and advocacy nationwide that empower communities to create the kinds of places they want to live in, while multiplying the influence of the localism movement. 

While keeping our money local is a powerful way to support vibrant local economies, localism work goes beyond the dollar into realms of other forms of capital, including social, political and infrastructural. Highlighting these alternative sources of capital drives innovation and gives small local businesses and communities the tools they need to thrive.

Check out the great work of other Local First organizations around the country! 

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